Tuesday, July 05, 2005

I don't really know why I set up this blog except perhaps to create a venue for the airing out of my frustrations at the way Operation Domino has evolved and the way it is being run. I have entered chatrooms on MSN on the same subject and have read some of the postings there. But none were of substance with the exception of two or three.

What I do know of Jacobi's work can be summed up as follows:

a. He found gold bullion deposits hidden at Kloten airport in Switzerland valued at US$14 billion.
b. Later he found cash deposits valued in excess of US$14 billion under the name of Irene Arenetta.
c. He claims to have found several hundred million more in an account entrusted to KPMG.

In the chatrooms, there were claims of people promising investors returns on investments that would require Mr. Jacobi to recover in excess of hundreds of billions of dollars for there to be enough money from the commission Jacobi would receive. In fact those claims continue even as alleged Jacobi cohorts are claiming that the money will be coming anytime soon.

There were even disturbing posts of alleged communications by White House senior personnel to Mr. Jacobi as well as specific representations regarding the Philippine government that are, at best, outright misrepresentations and, at worst, blatant lies.

There is no guarantee that by setting up this blog, the matter will be cleared up. However, I am offering up this site to anyone who may wish to post a question and I will do my best to answer them or direct them to the person who may be able to reply.

You may well be asking yourself what qualifies me to be able to answer any questions you might have. Let my answers speak for themselves. If they be lies, they will not ring true and fall flat. If they be truth, your own judgment will be your guide.

Reiner Jacobi and the Marcos Wealth